Final Program


Thursday  April 26 , 2018
Friday  April 27 , 2018
8h00 - 9h00
Keynote Speaker: Pr Steven Furnell Plymouth University, UK
" The Rise of the Biometric Society "
Keynote Speaker: Pr Mohammed Boulmalf UIR
"Connected Vehicles"
Opening Ceremony
Coffee Break
Keynote Speaker: Pr Chaker EL Amrani UAE
"Early Warning of Disasters: From Vulnerability to Prevention"
Keynote Speaker: Pr Mohammed Bouhorma UAE
"IoT and Big Data for the sustainable city"
Lunch Break
Industrial Speaker: Karim Boudra DataProtect
"Internet of Things: Roadmap to hack the new world"
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Coffee Break
Session 4
Saturday  April 28 , 2018
Session 5
Session 6
Session 7
Coffee Break
Academics and Professionals Roundtable:
Cyber Security Threats and Protections- what's new? Animated By Pr M. BOUHORMA
Session 8
Session 9
Session 10
Lunch Break
Awards Attribution & Conference Cloture
Session 1 : Network Security      Chair: Pr Mohamed BEN AHMED
Friday April 27, 2018 16h00-17h00
Effect of Single and Cooperative Black Hole Attack in MANET using OLSR protocol
Abdellah Nabou, My Driss Laanaoui and Mohammed Ouzzif. 
Security Extension for Routing Protocols in Ad hoc Mobile Networks: A comparative Study
Kartit Zaid. 
Security in wireless sensors networks
Hanane Saidi , Driss Gretete and Adnane Addaim 
A new method to secure Neighbor Discovery in IPv6 Networks
Ali El Ksimi and Cherkaoui Leghris. 
Session 2 : Intelligent Transportation Systems         Chair: Pr. Hanae El Kalkha & Dr Ahmed Ziani
Friday April 27, 2018 16h00-17h00
Traffic regulation and recommendation system based on measuring the road congestion
Sara Berrouk, Abdelaziz El Fazziki and Zakaria Boucetta. 
Analysis of the Security between Smart Vehicles and Parcels in Smart Cities
Yassir Rouchdi, El Arbi Abdellaoui Alaoui, Mustapha Mustapha El Moudden and Khalid El Yassini
UIR Middleware: A Smart Transport Application Example
Yassir Rouchdi, Khalid El Yassini, Mohammed Boulmalf and Kenza Oufaska. 
Session 3 : Cryptography         Chair: Pr Aziz Mahboub
Friday April 27, 2018 16h00-17h00
Encryption scheme on a non-Commutative ring R
Aziz Boulbot, Abdelhakim Chillali and Ali Mouhib
Structred MDS matrices, additive codes over GF(2)^m and symmetric cryptography
Nora El Amrani and Thierry Berger.
Blockchain-Based PKI for Content-Centric Networking
Mohamed Labbi, Nabil Kannouf, Yassine Chahid, Mohammed Benabdellah and Abdelmalek Azizi. 
Audio encryption algorithm using hyperchaotic systems of different dimensions
Souad Najoua Lagmiri, Jamila El Alami and Noureddine El Alami. 
Session 4 : Networks         Chair: Pr EL BRAK Mohamed
Friday April 27, 2018 17h15-18h45
SMART approach of increasing Energy Efficiency of Base Station in wireless communication systems
Samira Achki, Hanane Aznaoui, Fatima Gharnati and Abdellah Ait Ouahman.
An Efficient cluster validity index to Detect Optimal Number of Clusters with Overlap
Chaimae Ouchicha, Ouafae Ammor and Mohammed Meknassi. 
Smart Vice-LEACH to enhance Energy in WSN Using PROMETHEE II Method
Hanane Aznaoui, Said Raghay and Layla Aziz. 
Scatter Search for Service Function Chaining in NFV
Adel Bouridah and Hacene Belhadef. 
Multi-Path Routing Ring and GPSR WSN protocols for video transmission
Bennani Taj and M'Hamed Aït Kbir. 
Pause time based assessment of routing performances in MANET
Ben Chigra Younes, Ghadi Abderrahim and Bouhorma Mohamed. 
 An Improved Multipath Routing Protocol using an Efficient Multicriteria Sorting Method
Layla Aziz, Said Raghay and Hanane Aznaoui.
Zone-based energy aware protocol for wireless sensor networks
Mohamed Saad Azizi and Moulay Lahcen Hasnaoui. 


Session 5 : Big Data Cloud Technologies         Chair: Pr FENNAN Abdelhadi & Dr Ahmed ZIANI
Saturday April 28, 2018 09h00-11h00
 RETRO+: an extension of the SQL to SPARQL Framework RETRO for RDF querying
Ahmed Abatal, Khadija Alaoui, Larbi Alaoui and Mohamed Bahaj.
A Decade Time-Lapse of Cloud Performance and Dependability Modeling: Performability Evaluation Framework
Pece Mitrevski, Filip Mitrevski and Marjan Gusev. 
ACO-FFDP in incremental clustering for big data analysis
Fadwa Bouhafer, Anass El Haddadi, Mohammed Heyouni and Zakaria Boulouard. 
An MDA Approach Based on UML and ODM Standards to Support Big Data Analytics Regarding Ontology Development
Naziha Laaz, Samir Mbarki, Zineb Gotti and Sara Gotti.
The Mediterranean Dialogue Earth Observatory’s Data Pipeline and Current Developments
Mohamed Akram Zaytar and Chaker El Amrani 
 Batch Verifiable Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme to Optimize Computations over Encrypted Cloud Data.
Ahmed El-Yahyaoui and Mohamed Dafir Ech-Chrif El Kettani.
Application of cloud computing in e-learning: a basic architecture of cloud-based e-learning systems for higher education
Abderrahim El Mhouti, Mohamed Erradi and Azeddine Nasseh.
Towards Remote Sensing Datasets Collection and Processing
Badreddine Boudriki Semlali and Chaker El Amrani. 
 CLOUD COMPUTING: Security and Privacy Issues
Ahmed Ziani, Abdellatif Medouri.
Session 6 :Safe Systems and Security        Chair: Pr GHADI Abderrahim & Pr EN-NAIMI El Mokhtar
Saturday April 28, 2018 09h00-11h00
DTCWT-DCT watermarking method for multimodal biometric authentication
Naima Bousnina, Sanaa Ghouzali, Mounia Mikram and Wadood Abdul. 
Compliance with Information Security Policies in Higher Education: A Case Study from a mid-western American University
Majed Rajab, Ali Eydgahi
The Effect of Weak Atmospheric Turbulence and Fog on OOK-FSO Communication System
Lamiae Bouanane, Fouad Abbou, Farid Abdi, Chaatit Fouad and Abdelouahab Abid. 
Towards automatic recommendation of user profiles in a Big Data context
Elyusufi Yasyn, Bensassi Ismail and En-Naimi El Mokhtar. 
 A Smart Card Digital Identity Check Model for University Services Access
 New Hybrid Framework to detect phishing web pages, based on rules and variant selection of features
Youness Mourtaji, Mohammed Bouhorma and Daniyal Alghazzawi.
A new comprehensive Information System Security Governance framework, A proposition of an Information system security risk management Unified process (4D-ISS)
Mounia Zaydi and Bouchaib Nassereddine. 
Manufacturers mapping according to CC assurance security certified products
Mhamed Zineddine and Chakib Alaoui. 
Session 7 :Datamining 1     Chair: Pr Pr Anass EL HADDADI
Saturday April 28, 2018 09h00-11h00
Impact of Text Pre-processing and Ensemble Learning on Arabic Sentiment Analysis
Ahmed Oussous, Ayoub Ait Lahcen and Samir Belfkih. 
A Distributed Approach for Mining Moroccan Hashtags using Twitter Platform
Abdeljalil El Abdouli, Larbi Hassouni and Houda Anoun. 
State of the art in the contribution of an ontology-oriented knowledge base to the development of a collaborative information system
Meryam El Mrini, El Hassan Megder and Mostafa El Yassa. 
MLIL: A Hierarchy for Multilevel Concepts Analysis and Multilevel Association Rules
Ilyass Belghannou and Rafik Taouil.  
Serious Games Adaptation According To The Learner’s Motivational State
Othman Bakkali Yedri, Abdelali Slimani, El Aachak Lotfi, Mohammed Bouhorma  
Association Rules and Satisfiability
Said Jabbour and Lakhdar Saïs. 
Session 8 :Internet of Things IoT       Chair: Pr LAAZIZ Yassine
Saturday April 28, 2018 12h30-13h30
An Adaptive Routing Protocol for the IoT Environment
Mouad Benzakour, Abdellah Jamali and Najib Naja.
Security Study of different threats in Internet of Things
Imane Sahmi, Tomader Mazri and Nabil Hmina. 
Smart School Guidance and Vocational Guidance System Through the Internet of Things
Hicham El Mrabet and Ait Moussa.  
Outdoor Air Purification based on Photocatalysis and Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Meryeme Boumahdi, Chaker El Amrani and Siegfried Denys 
 Connected Car & CO2 emission Overview: Solutions, Challenges and Opportunities
Asmaa Berdigh, Khalid El Yassini and Kenza Oufaska.
Land availability alert system with Google Maps integration using GPS and GSM technologies: A case study for Chitungwiza Municipality, Zimbabwe
Tafadzwa Chinhava, Tatenda Gotora, Addlight Mukwazvure, Prudence Kadebu and Gladman Jekese. 
 Real Time Heart Beat Monitoring and GPS Tracking based on Web of Things
Amir Hammami.
Session 9 :Image Processing   Chair: Pr Ait Kbir Mhamed
Saturday April 28, 2018 12h30-13h30
3D Shape Classification Using Hahn and Krawtchouk Moments and Neural Networks
Zouhir Lakhili, Abdelmajid El Alami, Abderrahim Mesbah, Aissam Berrahou and Hassan Qjidaa. 
3D Model classification using 3D Hahn moment convolutional neural networks (3D HMCNN)
Abderrahim Mesbah, Berrahou Aissam and Qjidaa Hassan. 
MR-Brain image classiffication based on Local Binary Patterns and Logistic Regression
Mohammed Khalil, Habib Ayad and Abdellah Adib.
Efficient Multispectral Face Recognition using Random Feature Selection and PSO-SVM
Nadir Kamel Benamara, Ehlem Zigh, Tarik Boudghene Stambouli and Mokhtar Keche. 
3D modeling of flood areas
Souhaib Douass and M'Hamed Aït Kbir 
Session 10 :Datamining 2     Chair: Pr Zouhair Abdelhamid
Saturday April 28, 2018 12h30-13h30
Concern-Based Profiling in Software Product Lines: A User Profile Oriented Approach
Ikram Dehmouch, Bouchra El Asri and Maryem Rhanoui.
Query expansion using pseudo relevance feedback and text mining technique
Siham Jabri, Azzeddine Dahbi, Taoufiq Gadi and Abdelhak Bassir. 
Using Synonym and Definition WordNet Semantic relations for implicit aspect identification in Sentiment Analysis
Hajar Elhannach and Mohammed Benkhalifa.  
Overview of opinion detection Approaches in Arabic
Manal Nejjari and Abdelouafi Meziane. 
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Acceptance Notification March 18, 2018
Camera-ready Papers Due March 31, 2018
Author Registration Due April 3, 2018
Conference Dates April 27-28, 2018