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The Fourth International Conference on Smart City Applications (SCA 2019) is a multidisciplinary forum co-organized by the Hassania School of Public Works EHTP-Casablanca in partnership with Mediterranean Association of Sciences and Technologies (Medi-AST) .
SCA will take place in Casablanca, Morocco from 02-04 October 2019, and aims to bring together research scientists and industrial engineers to discuss and exchange both experimental and theoretical results, novel designs, case studies, and trend-setting ideas in the area of smart cities.
The conference covers any topic with an intersection with smart cities, including education, healthcare, economy and digital business, building and home automation, environment and agriculture, and information technologies and computer science. The Conference encourages submission of original works presenting novel research results and new products or concepts are encouraged for submission. but also work in progress.

All accepted papers will be available in ACM Digital Library
The conference proceedings will be published by ICPS series ISBN: 978-1-4503-6289-4 and will be submitted for indexation in Scopus

Extended (50%) of accepted papers will be published as a Book Chapters in the "Innovations in Smart Cities Applications Edition 3" Book edited by Springer Lecture Notes in Intelligent Transportation and Infrastructure Series
and will be available in SpringerLink Digital Libraries


Authors are invited to submit original and unpublished work. Manuscripts should respect ACM template (here for more information), including figures, tables, and references.The paper must be prepared by using e in the ACM templatMS Word or LaTeX (6-8 pages) as PDF files through Easychair. The direct link for paper submission is 

Each paper will be reviewed by three PC members . The acceptance decisions will take into account the originality, practical & theoretical impact, and the paper presentation.


Authors can present their contributions in different modalities: 

Oral Presentation

Each regular paper presentation will least 15 – 20 minutes. Presentation will be presented in parallel thematic sessions. Author will be informed about the reference of his/her session and the time of his/her presentation about 2 weeks before the event. If author have any personal restriction to present his/her paper in a specific date, please send us an email with his/her request as soon as possible.

Poster Presentation

The poster will be exhibited during the conference poster session. Poster sessions will provide an opportunity for authors to display the results and conclusions of their papers. Authors are offered to present their works face to face to individuals and small groups.

Virtual Presentation

Authors who are interested to present their papers in SCA19 but could not attend the conference, they can present their works by Skypein the Virtual Presentation Sessions . 

Conference Final Program

Wednesday  October 02 , 2019
Keynote Speaker: Prof. SEHL MELLOULI, Laval University, Quebec, Canada
" Citizens' engagement on smart cities"
Session moderated by Prof. Abdelhakim CHAFAI
Opening Ceremony
  • Mr. Noureddine MAANA ,
    Director of Hassania School of Public Works, Casablanca, Morocco,
  • Prof. Mohammed Karim GUENNOUN,
    Hassania School of Public Works, Casablanca, Morocco,, Conference Co-Chair,
  • Prof. Mohamed BEN AHMED,
    Mediterranean Association of Sciences and Technologies, Conference Co-Chair,
Coffee Break
Keynote Speaker: Prof Domingos SANTOS , Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal
"Smart City Strategic Planning: Trends and Challenges"
Session moderated by Prof. Othman JBARI
Keynote Speaker: Prof Luís BRAGANCA, School of Engineering of University of Minho,, Portugal
"Smart Building Sustainability Assessment "
Session moderated by Prof. Lotfi EL ACHAAK
"Smart Governance: Leadership, Priorities, and Indicators for Suistnable Cities"
Session moderated by Prof. Mohammed BOUHORMA
Lunch Break
Ronde Table: News of Smart Grid In Industrial Environnement
moderated by Prof. Mohammed BOUHORMA
Coffee Break + Poster Session
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Gala Dinner
Thursday  October 03 , 2019
8h00 - 9h00am
Session 5
Session 6
Session 7
Session 8
Keynote Speaker: Pr. Hamid EZ-ZAHRAOUY, Mohammed V University, Faculty of Science, Rabat, MOROCCO,
" Intelligent Transportation Systems : Traffic Flow Theory and its Applications"
Session moderated by Prof. Abdelilah BENYOUSSEF
Keynote Speaker: Pr. Sami EL MOUKHLIS, Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation, CASABLANCA, MOROCCO,
"Smart Airport: A Major Component of a Smart City"
Session moderated by Prof. M'hamed AIT KBIR
Coffee Break
Session 9
Session 10
Session 11
Session 12
Lunch Break
Session 13
Session 14
Session 15
Session 16
Coffee Break
Session 17
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Session 20
Awards Attribution
Conference Cloture
Friday  October 04 , 2019
Social Event : Casablanca City Sightseeing Tour
Session 1 : Machine Learning  Chairs: Prof. AIT KBIR & Prof. GUENNOUN
Wednesday, October 02 From 04:45pm to 05:15pm
Biological Networks analysis, analytical approaches and use case on protein-protein network interactions
Hamza Hanafi, Badr Dine Rossi Hassani and M'hamed Aït Kbir
Development of sustainable multivariate analytical approach for smart factory
Wafa Terouzi and Abdelkhalek Oussama
New Approach for Modeling and Developing Multi-Agent Systems Based on Case Based Reasoning
Kouissi Mohamed, El Ghouch Nihad and En-Naimi El Mokhtar
Adaptation of the Random Forest Method: Solving the problem of Pulsar Search
Mourad Azhari, Altaf Alaoui, Zakia Achraoui, Badia Ettaki and Jamal Zerouaoui
A New Visual Question Answering System for Medical images characterization
Afrae Bghiel, Yousra Dahdouh, Imane Allaouzi, Mohamed Ben Ahmed and Abdelhakim Anouar Boudhir  
Arabic Text Diacritization: Overview And Solution
Ali Mijlad and Yacine El Younoussi  
Session 2 : Smart Logistique & Invited Session LIOT; Chairs: Dr. EL ABDELLAOUI ALAOUI Dr. EL MOUDDEN
Wednesday, October 02 From 4:45pm to 6:15pm
Automated management of maritime container terminals using Internet of Things and Big Data technologies
Farah Al Kaderi, Rim Koulali and Mohamed Rida
The Digitalisation Of The Supply Chain Management Of Service Companies: A Prospective Approach
Badr Bentalha, Aziz Hmioui and Lhoussaine Alla
Internet of Things and Big Data Analysis for Logistics 4.0: a literature review
Samir Tetouani, Abdelsamad Chouar, Aziz Soulhi and Jamila Elalami  
Blockchain technology impact on the maritime supply chain
Safia Nasih, Sara Arezki and Taoufiq Gadi  
Clustering of the Population benefiting from Health Insurance using K-means
Sara Zahi and Boujemâa Achchab  
A Study of Fuzzy Query Systems for Relational Databases
Rachid Mama and Mustapha Machkour  


Session 3 :Smart Education & Invited Session ITLPE19     Chairs: Prof. EN-NAIMI & Prof. ELYUSUFI
Wednesday, October 02 From 4:45pm to 6:15pm
Student Profile Modeling: An Overview Model
Touria Hamim, Faouzia Benabbou and Nawal Sael 
Multi-Agent Adaptive Learning System Based on Incremental Hybrid Case-Based Reasoning (IHCBR)
El Ghouch Nihad, Kouissi Mohamed and En-Naimi El Mokhtar 
J48 algorithm for predicting user's the acceptance of an E-orientation Systems
Rachida Ihya, Abdelwahed Namir and Sanaa El Filali 
Enabling Smart Collaboration With Smart University Services
Ouidad Akhrif, Younès El Bouzekri El Idrissi and Nabil Hmina 
Analysis of learners' interests in a social learning environment.
Samira Aouidi, Lamia Mahnane and Mohammed Hafidi
Session 4 : 5G Technologies     Chair: Prof SAADANE & Dr. ZIANI
Wednesday, October 02 From
04:45pm to 06:15pm
Improving Call Admission Control in 5G for smart cities applications
Ahmed Slalmi, Rachid Saadane and Hasna Chaibi.
Assessment and optimization of cooperative MIMO systems for smart city application.
Richard Musabe, Atupenda Mugisha, Vienna N Katambire, Hadelin Yaramba, Gaurav Bajpai, Emmanuel Manizabayo and Victoire M Ushindi
Rain and atmospheric gas effect on millimeter wave propagation for 5G wireless communications
Lamiae Squali and Fatima Riouch
Authentication for E-health applications in Iot enabled 5G and proposed solution
Manal Rayyam, Fatima Rougaii and Tomader Mazri 
Comparison between different 5G architectures for a better integration of these services and proposal of an improved architecture
Hafida Amgoune and Tomader Mazri   
Evaluative Analysis of Next Generation Mobile Networks in Future Smart Grid in Developing Countries
E. M. Dogo, A. F. Salami and N. I. Nwulu   


Session 5 : Machine Learning for Smart Security        Chairs: Prof.GHADI & Prof. EL RHARRAS
Thursday, October 03 From 09:00am to 10:30am
A Deep Learning Methods for Intrusion Detection Systems based Machine Learning in MANET
Safaa Laqtib and Khalid El Yassini
Deep learning for detecting android malwares
Ilham Soussi, Abderrahim Ghadi and Anouar Abdelhakim Boudhir  
Newest Collaborative and Hybrid Network Intrusion Detection Framework Based on Suricata and Isolation Forest Algorithm
Zouhair Chiba, Noureddine Abghour, Khalid Moussaid, Amina Elomri and Mohammed Rida
A Survey on Hand Biometry
Farah Bahmed and Madani Ould Mammar
A New Architecture for Security Classification of the Ways Between Cities Using Weather Forecasting
Allach Samir, Benamrou Badr, Mohamed Ben Ahmed and Boudhir Anouar Abdelhakim
Machine Learning application for malwares classification using visualization technique
Boudhir Anouar Abdelhakim, Ikram Ben Abdel Ouahab, Bouhorma Mohammed and El Aachak Lotfi
Blockchain technology to build a smart contract for smart citizenship : a Survey
Adil Bouhout & Mohamed BEN AHMED
Session 6 Smart Vehicles:         Chairs: Prof. BOUHORMA & Prof. EL HAFID
Thursady, October 03 From 9:00am to 10:30am
An Intelligent Navigation System for Emergency Vehicles
Deva Priya M, . Vishnuvarthan L R, Vignesh R, Balamurugan A, Lavanya G, Christy Jebamalar A and Divyaprabha E
An Intelligent Adaptive Throttle and Brake Control System for Automatic Cruise Control in Disability Vehicle
Lavanya G, Deva Priya M, Christy Jebamalar A, Balamurugan A, Sangeetha T and Saravanan A 
Context-Awareness in the Smart Car: A Comparative Study
Abdelfettah Soultana, Faouzia Benabbou and Nawal Sael  
Deep Reinforcement Learning with external control: Self-driving car application
Youssef Fenjiro and Houda Benbrahim  
Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Detection Using Wearable Technology
Mohammed Misbhauddin, Alreem Almutlaq, Alaa Almithn, Norah Alshukr and Maryam Aleesa
Session 7 :Smart Citizenship  Chairs: Prof. WAHBI & Prof. ELYUSUFI
Thursday, October 03 From 09:00am to 10:45am
Citizen empowerment in newly born Smart Cities in Mauritius
Sandhya Armoogum and Nawaz Mohamudally 
Shift to Digital Gamification in Political Life (Russian Cases)
Olga Sergeyeva, Ekaterina Orekh, Elena Bogomiagkova and Natalia Kolesnik
Citizen Participation In Smart Cities: A Survey
Jihane Tadili and Hakima Fasly
Identification in the service of national solidarity
Ahmed Berbar and Abdelkader Belkhir
A Survey of Major Data Privacy Laws, Languages and Approaches in Smart Cities Environments
Driss El Majdoubi and Hanan El Bakkali  
Session 8 :Image Processing        Chairs: Prof. HAMDOUN & Prof.AIT KBIR
Thursday, October 03 From 09:00am to 10:30am
Corners based spatial decomposition method for image watermarking
Abdelhay Hassani Allaf and M'Hamed Aït Kbir 
Image segmentation with local active contours on graphics processing units
Abderazzak Ammar, Omar Bouattane and Mohammed Youssfi  
Hybrid Force-Vision Control Law Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
Nacereddine Djelal, Nadia Saadia and Amar Ramdane-Cherif  
Breast cancer image segmentation and classification
Ichrak Khoulqi and Najlae Idrissi  
Brain tumor segmentation by level sets methods and Brain Extraction using a simple standard deviation method
Bara Samir and Chennouk Hamid  
Overview On 3d Reconstruction From Images
Aharchi Moncef and Aït Kbir M'hamed  
Session 9 : Wireless Communications        Chairs: Prof. MAHBOUB & Prof. SAADANE
Thursday, October 03 From 12:30pm to 02:00pm
Enhancement Wireless Network Stability Based on Spatial Dependency
Halim Berradi, Ahmed Habbani, Chaimae Benjbara, Nada Mouchfiq and Mohammed Souidi
UWB-based WBANs in Industry 4.0
Zakaria Mohammadi and Awatif Rouijel
Energy Optimization of SWIMAC for WSN based on IR-UWB in Smart Cities by using Network Coding
Anouar Darif, Hasna Chaibi and Rachid Saadane
Z-GFR: a hybrid zoning algorithm to enhance QoS in MANETs
Mohammed Souidi, Ahmed Habbani, Chaimae Benjbara and Halim Berradi
Simulation in random waypoint model scenario of a new alert dissemination protocol based on leach routing protocol
Barkouk Hamid, En-Naimi El Mokhtar, Mahboub Aziz and Arioua Mounir


Session 10 :Smart Healthcare 1       Chairs: Prof. FENNAN & Prof RGHIOUI
Thursday, October 03 From 12:30pm to 2:00pm
Design of a non-invasive blood glucose meter connected to an Android diabetes monitoring application
Loubna Chhiba, Mustapha Sidqui and Abdelaziz Marzak  
A Study on Smart Home for Medical Surveillance: Contribution to Smart Healthcare paradigm
Lamiae Eloutouate, Fatiha Elouaai, Mohammed Bouhorma and Hicham Gibet Tani  
Predicting Diabetes Diseases Using Mixed Data and Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms
Othmane Daanouni, Bouchaib Cherradi and Amal Tmiri  
Setting Up The Mediboard HIS For Use In Hospital Routine
Youssef Bouidi, Mostafa Azzouzi Idrissi and Noureddine Rais  
Spatial distribution of average incidence of leishmaniasis of different communes of Sefrou Provine (2007-2010), Central North of Morocco
Fatima Zahra Talbi, Saâd Maniar, Mouhcine Fadil, Abderrazzak Sandoudi, Abdellatif Janati Idrissi and Abdelhakim El Ouali Lalami  
Health Monitoring System in a Smart Home
Naoufal Ainane, Mohamed Ouzzif and Khalid Bouragba  
Application of Deep learning for the pathology diagnostic using biomarket identification in medical image.
Dahdouh Youssra, Boudhir Anouar and Mohamed Ben Ahmed  
Session 11 : Smart Security Management       Chairs: Prof. BENYOUSSEF & Prof. GHADI
Thursday, October 03 From 12:30pm to 2:00pm
Secure communication in E-health care system monitoring
Somaya Haiba and Tomadar Mazri 
Security in a smart city: challenges and solutions
Siham Tibari and Tomader Mazri 
Enhancing Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks Security using Intrusion Detection System Techniques
Meriem Houmer and Moulay Lahcen Hasnaoui  
A simulation analysis of MANET's Link-spoofing and Replay attacks with ns-3
Oussama Sbai and Mohamed Elboukhari  
A review on improving recommendations using traceability
Kamal Souali, Othmane Rahmaoui and Mohammed Ouzzif  
Session 12 : Social Media Analysis   Chairs: Prof. EL ACHAAK & Prof. MONKAD
Thursday, October 03 From 12:30pm to 02:00pm
Social Networks Fake Profiles Detection Based on Account Setting and Activity
Yasyn Elyusufi, Zakaria Elyusufi and M'Hamed Ait Kbir  
Ontology-Based Sentiment Analysis and Community Detection on Social Media: Application to Brexit
Moudhich Ihab, Loukili Soumaya, Bahra Mohamed, Hmami Haytam and Fennan Abdelhadi
Social media made me buy it: The impact of social media on consumer purchasing behavior
Oumayma Bedraoui
Social media Sentiment Monitoring in Smart Cities An application to Moroccan dialects
Monir Dahbi, Rachid Saadane and Samir Mbarki
A comparative study of sentiment analysis approaches
Zineb Nassr, Nawal Sael and Faouzia Benabbou


Session 13 : Modeling and Algorithms   Chairs: Prof. ELYUSUFI & Prof. AZZOUAZI
Thursday, October 03 From 03:00pm to 04:30pm
Embedded Systems Hardware Software Partitioning Using MiniMax Algorithm
Adil Iguider, Kaouthar Bousselam, Oussama Elissati, Mouhcine Chami and Abdeslam En-Nouaary  
Global Similarity Based Ontology to Enhance the Quality of Big and Distributed RDF Data
Kaoutar Lamrani and Abderrahim Ghadi  
Modeling networks implementing IPv6 addressing
Acia Izem, Mohamed Wakrim and Abderrahim Ghadi
Operating models of application protocols
Sakina Elhadi, Marzak Abdelaziz and Sael Nawal  
Comparative Study of Decision Rule Induction Approaches involving Rough Sets for Meningitis Categories' Discrimination
Abdelkhalek Hadrani, Karim Guennoun, Rachid Saadane and Mohammed Wahbi  


Session 14 :Smart E-Business and Governance  Chairs Prof EL RHARRAS & Prof. A.FENNAN
Thursday, October 03 From 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Digital business models: definitions, drivers and new trends
Wail El Hilali and Abdellah El Manouar 
Fraud detection in credit card transaction using neural networks
Imane Sadgali, Nawal Sael and Faouzia Benabbou
Data-Driven Marketing: How Machine Learning will improve Decision-Making for Marketers
Abakouy Redouan, En-Naimi El Mokhtar, El Haddadi Anass and Elaachak Lotfi
Neural Networks for Measurement of the eco-responsible decision's impact on the governance system: The case of Moroccan companies
Oumaima Riad, Sahar Saoud, Lamia Boukaya and Khalid Azami  
Advances in Smart Sustainable Urban Planning and Development: Data–Driven Scientific Approaches to Wicked Problems
Simon Elias Bibri  
Session 15 :Smart healthcare 2       Chairs: Prof. EL HAFID & Prof. EL ACHAAK
Thursday, October 03 From 03:00pm to 4:30pm
Framework on Mobile Technology Utilization for Assisted Healthcare Service Request and Delivery for Aged Persons: A Case of Ghana
Israel Edem Agbehadji, Abdultaofeek Abayomi, Richard Millham, Ekua Andowa Biney and Kwabena Obiri Yeboah 
Improve IoT Ehealth Ecosystem with SDN
Hamza Zemrane, Youssef Baddi and Abderrahim Hasbi 
Establishment of Diagnostic Reference Level of abdominopelvic CT procedure of University Hospital Center Mohammed VI, Oujda
Mohammed Aabid, Slimane Semghouli, Mohamed El Fahssi, Oum Keltoum Hakam and Abdelmajid Choukri
Wearable Camera for Fall Detection Embedded System
Isma Boudouane, Amina Makhlouf, Nadia Saadia and Amar Ramdane-Cherif  
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and epidemiology of vector diseases: Case of Leishmaniasis in the Fez-Meknes, region of Morocco
Hajar El Omari, Abdelkader Chahlaoui, Aziz Taouraout and Abdelhakim El Ouali Lalami 
Proposed approach for breast cancer diagnosis using machine learning
Hajar Saoud, Abderrahim Ghadi and Mohamed Ghailani 
Session 16 :IoT and Smart Mobility  Chairs: Prof. EL AROUSSI & Prof. EN-NAIMI
Thursday, October 03 From 03:00pm to 4:30pm
IoT-based Knee Rehabilitation System for Inclusive Smart City
Mohamed El Fezazi, Mounaim Aqil, Atman Jbari and Abdelilah Jilbab 
Wireless Communication in Internet of Vehicles Networks: DSRC-based Vs Cellular-based
Nadjet Azzaoui, Ahmed Korichi, Bouziane Brik and Mohamed El Amine Fekair
Bootstrapping Services Availability through Multipath Routing for Enhanced Security In Urban IoT
Fatna El Mahdi, Ahmed Habbani, Bachir Bouamoud and Mohammed Souidi
Toward traffic management with the help of big data
Mouad Tantaoui, My Driss Laanaoui and Mustapha Kabil  
Survey on Localization Methods for Autonomous Vehicles in Smart Cities
Abdellah Chehri, Rachid Saadane and Nordine Quadar  
Comparative study about the routing protocols on the vehicular networks and the v2v communications
Kawtar Jellid and Tomader Mazri


Session 17 : Smart Energy Management and Electrical Engineering     Chairs: Prof. MAHDARY and Dr. HARMOUZI
Thursday, October 03 From 04:45pm to 06:15pm
Three-dimensional Study of Combined Natural Convection and Conduction in a Cubical Cavity: Effect of the Angle of Inclination
Bouchaib Jamal, Mohammed Boukendil, Lahcen El Moutaouakil and Abdelhalim Abdelbaki
Robust Control of Sensorless Sliding Mode Controlled Induction Motor Drive Facing a Large Scale Rotor Resistance Variation
Yassine Zahraoui, Mohamed Akherraz, Chaymae Fahassa and Sara Elbadaoui
Ultrasonic Insulation Using A Helmholtz-Like Phononic Crystal With A Slight Filling Factor
Abdelfattah Elmadani, Saad Bensallam, Aliyasin El Ayouch, Abdelkrim Khelif, Younes Achaoui, Abella Bouaaddi and Hicham Jakjoud 
Surface Radiation And Unsteady Natural Convection Induced By A Heated Elliptic Cylinder Inside A Symetrically Cooled Cavity
Mohammed Boukendil, Lahcen El Moutaouakil, Aziz Idrissi Bougrine and Zaki Zrikem  
Session 18 : Sustainable Building & Smart Earth  Chairs: Prof. CHERFAOUI & Prof. BOUDHIR
Thursday, October 03 From 04:45pm to 6:15pm
Smart technology optimization by multicriteria analysis of civil engineering structure in service stage through topo-geodetic monitoring
Daniel Lepadatu, Diana Ioana Morariu, Toufik Cherradi, Ancuta Rotaru, Ion Serbanoiu and Loredana Judele 
Sustainable Building Design Through The Bioclimatic Approach: between coast constraint and financial governance deal
Najoua Loudyi and Khalid El Harrouni  
Collection of Historical Weather Data: Issues with Missing Values
Fadoua Rafii and Tahar Kechadi 
Flood Zones Detection using a Runoff Model Based on Cellular Automata
Souhaib Douass and M'Hamed Ait Kbir
Principal Component Analysis based Approach for Understanding Electrocoagulation Setting Impact on Chromium Elimination: a Step Toward Smart Eco-Friendly City
Meryem Akoulih, Smail Tigani, Hasna Chaibi, Rachid Saadane and Amal Tazi
ZigBee-Based Remote Environmental Monitoring for Smart Industrial Mining
Abdellah Chehri and Rachid Saadane  


Session 19 : Smart Energy Management and Electrical Engineering2     Chairs: Prof. MEHDARY & Prof . BEN AHMED
Thursday, October 03 From 04:45pm to 06:15pm
The potential benefit of shading devices on the thermal comfort and energy performance of a residential building in different climatic regions of Morocco
Badr Chegari, Mohamed Tabaa, Fouad Moutaouakkil, Emmanuel Simeu and Hicham Medromi  
Optimal control design for a grid connected PV-WindBattery hybrid system feeding residential loads
Asmae Chakir, Mohamed Tabaa, Fouad Moutaouakkil, Hicham Medroumi and Karim Alami 
Output PV power prediction using an Artificial Neural Network in Casablanca, Morocco
Elmehdi Karami, Mohamed Rafi and Abderraouf Ridah
Techno-Economic Optimization of Hybrid Wind and Marine Current Turbine Connected to the Grid- A case study in Ksar Sghir, Morocco
Rajae Gaamouche, Redouane Abdelbari, Acouetey Prince and Abdennebi El Hasnaoui
Controlling Interference and Power Consumption in Cognitive Radio Based on Game Theory
Mohammed Saber, Elrharras Abdessamad, Rachid Saadane, Kharraz Aroussi Hatim and Mohammed Wahbi



Session 20 : Smart Water Management        Chairs: Prof. LEKHLIF & Dr. EL ABDELLAOUI ALAOUI
Thursday, October 03 From 04:45pm to 06:15pm
Development of a quality index model of spring waters: case study of the springs water in Taanzoult plain (Aguelmam Sidi Ali Ramsar site), Draa Tafilalt region, Morocco
Rachid Sammoudi, Abdelkader Chahlaoui, Adel Kharroubi, Imane Taha and Aziz Taouraout
Irrigation of green spaces by recycling graywater treated with a new sustainable technique called Multi-Soil-Layering (MSL)
Aziz Taouraout, Abdelkader Chahlaoui, Driss Belghyti, Hajar El Omari, Khadija Ouarrak, Iman Taha and Driss Bengoumi  
Geospatial Water Resources Allocation Modeling and Prognostic Scenario Planning in Lower Benue River Basin, Nigeria.
Zainab Abdulmalik, Adebayo Wahab Salami, Solomon Olakunle Bilewu, Ayanniyi Mufutau Ayanshola, Oseni Taiwo Amoo, Abayomi Abdultaofeek and Israel Edem Agbehadj
Development of Vertical Follow Constructed Wetland (VFCW) to treat domestic wastewater in rural areas of Morocco
Aziz Taouraout, Abdelkader Chahlaoui, Driss Belghyti, Rachid Bouamri, Adbelaziz Bouhlal, Rachid Sammoudi, Mohamed Najy and Driss Mansour 
Treatment of hydroxide discharges from a drinking water treatment plant
Mohamed Najy, Mohamed Lachhab, Ifakkou Elismaili, Aziz Taouraout, Aziz El Aasri, Hassane Ech-Chafay, Mohamed El Qryefy, Khadija El Kharrim and Driss Belghyti 
Parasitic study of wastewater discharging in Boufekrane River at the collector of the Agdal district (Meknes, Morocco): inventory and monitoring
Imane Taha, Abdelkader Chahlaoui, Aziz Taouraout, Rachid Sammoudi and Khadija Ouarrak 
Natural Convection Of Cu-Water Nanofluid Under Radiation Effect In A Cubical Cavity With Sinusoidal Sidewall Temperature
Mohammed Boukendil, Lahcen El Moutaouakil, Aziz Idrissi Bougrine and Zaki Zrikem  
Impacts of the reuse of wastewater from the Bouishak wadi in the city of Meknes (Central-South Morocco) in urban agriculture
Khadija Ouarrak, Abdelkader Chahlaoui, Aziz Taouraout and Imane Taha 



Session Poster Chairs: Prof GUENNOUN & Prof. EL AROUSSI
Wednesday, October 02 From 4:30pm to 5:00pm
Incident prediction through logging management and machine learning
Jamal El Abdelkhalki and Mohamed Ben Ahmed  
Pedagogy in the Digital Age
Soukaina Oulaich
Security Study And Challenges Of Connected Autonomous Vehicles
Meryem Sghiri and Tomader Mazri
A Categorization of RDF Triplestores
Khadija Alaoui
Safe Laboratory Practices & Procedures Introduced to the Students Through an Augmented Reality Application
Anasse Hanafi, Lotfi Elaachak, Mohammed Bouhorma and El Khalil Bennis 
Study of Smart City Data: Categories and Quality Challenges
Oumaima El Rhazal and Tomader Mazri  


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    ENS, Univsersity Hassan II, Morocco
  • Prof. Anas Rghioui
    EHTP, Casablanca, Morocco.
Sponsorship & Exhibits Chairs
  • Prof. EL RHARRAS Abdessamad
    EHTP, Casablanca, Morocco.
  • Prof. Mustpha HARMOUZI,
    FS Tetouan, Morocco
  • Prof. Adil Mehdary
    EHTP, Casablanca, Morocco.

Technical Program Committee

  • Ahmad S. Almogren, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
  • ABDEL-BADEEH M. Salem, Ain shams university, Egypt
  • Alabdulkarim Lamya,King Saud University,Saudi Arabia
  • ACCORSI, Riccardo, Bologna University , Italy
  • ALGHAMDI Jarallah, Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia
  • Ahmed Kadhim Hussein, Babylon University, Iraq
  • ANABTAWI Mahasen, Al-Quds University, Palestine
  • ARIOUA Mounir UAE, Morocco
  • ASTITOU Abdelali, UAE, Morocco
  • ASSAGHIR Zainab , Lebanese University, Lebanon
  • BESSAI-MECHMACH Fatma Zohra, CERIST, Algeria,
  • BEN YAHYA Sadok, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, Tunisia
  • BOULMALF Mohammed, UIR, Morocco,
  • BOUTEJDAR Ahmed, German Research Foundation, Bonn, Germany,
  • CHADLI Lala Saadia, University Sultan Moulay Slimane, Beni-Mellal, Morocco,
  • DAMIR Žarko, Zagreb University, Croatia
  • DOUSSET Bernard UPS, Toulouse, France
  • Dominique Groux, UPJV, France

Technical Program Committee

  • ELHADDADI Anass, UAE University, Morocco
  • EL-HEBEARY Mohamed Rashad,Cairo University,Egypt
  • El Kafhali Said, Hassan 1st University, Settat, Morocco
  • El YASSINI Khalid, Moulay Ismail University, Morocco
  • EL YADARI Mourad, FP, Errachidia, Morocco,
  • EL MHOUTI Abderrahim, FST, Al-Hoceima, Morocco,
  • ENSARI Tolga, Istanbul University,Turkey
  • ENRIQUE Arias Castilla-La Mancha University, Spain
  • EN-NAIMI EL Mokhtar, UAE, Morocco,
  • HADDADI Kamel IEMN Lille University, France
  • HAZIM Tawfik Cairo University,Egypt
  • JAIME LIORET Mauri Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain
  • JUS Kocijan, Nova Gorica University, Slovenia
  • KHOUDEIR Majdi  IUT, Poitiers university, France
  • LABIB Arafeh, Al-Quds University, Palestine
  • LALAM Mustapha, Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria
  • LONCARIC Sven, Zagreb University, Croatia
  • MADEMLIS Christos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece,
  • MAHBOUB Aziz, UAE University, Morocco,

Technical Program Committee

  • MOUSANNIF Hajar, Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco,
  • OUEDERNI Meriem ,INP - ENSEEIHT Toulouse, France
  • SAGAHYROON Assim American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • SENTHIL Kumar Hindustan College of Arts and Science, India
  • SENAN Sibel, Istanbul University,Turkey.
  • SLIMANI Yahya, Manouba University, Tunisia
  • SONJA Grgić, Zagreb University, Croatia
  • TEBIBEL Bouabana Thouraya, ESI, Alger, Algeria,
  • Abderrahim Ghadi ,FSTT UAE, Morocco
  • Mohamed El Ghami, University of Bergen , Norway
  • BATAEV Vladimir ,Zaz Ventures, Switzerland
  • Hanane REDDAD ,USMS University, Morroco
  • Ehlem Zigh ,National Institute of Telecommunications and ICT of Oran, Algeria
  • Otmae Yazidi Alaoui ,FSTT UAE, Morocco
  • Hossain El Ouarghi ,ENSAH UAE, Morocco
  • Lotfi El Achaak ,FSTT UAE, Morocco
  • My Lahcen HASNAOUI, Moulay Ismail University, Morocco
  • NAFIL Khalid, UM5, Morocco

Technical Program Committee

  • Abderrahmane Janyene, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Khadija Abbassi, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Horia Benomar, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Mohammed Tachafine, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Boutaher Jaouad, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Souhiel El Ghazi, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Omar Bachir Alami, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Kamal Jetto, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Hasna Chaibi, ENSIAS, Morocco
  • Samira El Margae, Iben Toufiel University, Morocco
  • Rachid Ilmen, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Hassania Messaoud, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Nabil BENAMAR, EST-Meknes, Morocco

Technical Program Committee

  • Mounir Deri, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Sami EL MOUKHLIS, AIAC, Morocco
  • Hassan El Brirchi, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Hassan Oulidi Jerrar, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • SINAN Mohamed, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • ADDOU Malika, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Abdelhamid Fadil, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Younes Adnani, EST, Ibn Tofail, University, Morocco
  • Brahim El Bhiri, EMSI, Morocco
  • Mohamed Tabbaa, EMSI, Morocco
  • Smail Tigani, Euro-Medeteranienne University , Morocco
  • Darif Anouar, FST Benimellal, Morocco
  • Ishak Hbiak, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Bbadr El Hatimi, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Haidi Touria, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Asmae EL KOHEN SAGHIR, EHTP, Morocco

Technical Program Committee

  • Merouane Debbah, Supelec, France
  • Mehdi Bennis, Oulo University, Finlande
  • Yamna Ghabbar, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Salim Nafiri, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Nourddine Semane, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Mouloud Mouzzoun, Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco
  • Essaid Saber, ENSEM - Morocco
  • Mohamed Kamili, Sidi Mohammed ben Abdellah University, Morocco
  • Samir Mbarki, Iben Toufiel University, Morocco
  • Hatim Kharraz El Aroussi, Iben Toufiel University, Morocco
  • Abdelatif Kobban, ENSIAS, Morocco
  • Fakhri Youssef, Iben Toufiel University, Morocco
  • Mohammed MALAAININE, EHTP, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Fatima Zahra BARRAMOU, EHTP, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Zineb Rachik, EHTP, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Mohamed YATIM, EHTP, Casablanca, Morocco


Smart Cities

ITS and Smart Mobility
Urban Logistics Innovations,
Smart Grids,
Social impacts
Territorial Intelligence,
Smart Citizens & Educational Sciences,
Intelligent Governance & Digital Policy,
E-Administration & E-Services,
Smart Economy and Digital Marketing,
Sustainable Development.

Smart Building and Home Automation

Smart Electrical and Electronic devices
Automation Systems
Renewable Energy
Embedded Technologies
Lightings Technologies
Intelligent building assessment
Green And Intelligent Construction
Smart architecture and urban planners
Sustainable building design

Smart Environment and Smart Agriculture

Natural Disasters Monitoring
Damage Mapping
Smart Agriculture
Hazard Mapping
Climate Monitoring
Smart Water Management
Geographic Information Systems
Smart & Sustainable Environments
Smart Waste Management
Disasters Early Warning System

Smart Education and Intelligent Learning System

Smart learning: Concepts and strategies
Smart learning environments
E-learning, smart E-learning
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
Smart Mobile Learning
Cloud learning
Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Serious Games

Smart Economy and Digital Business

Digital Economy
Digital Strategy
Digital Business Models
Digital Business
Digital Commerce
Digital Retail
Digital Marketing
Digital Supply Chain Management
Smart Logistics
Secure Transactions

Information Technologies and Computer Science

Big-data and Data Mining
Cloud Computing
Quantum Computing
Machine Learning
Mobile Technologies
Natural Language Processing
Image, Video and Speech Processing
HPC & Parallel Computing
Collaborative & Complex Networks
Internet of Things IoT

Smart Healthcare

Big Data & Data Analysis for e-Health
Smart systems for medical monitoring
Medical Image analysis and processing
E-Health Architectures
Wearable devices for E-health
Wireless Body Area Networks
Mobile and Telemedecine Applications
Cloud infrastructures for E-health
Usability and Ubiquity in E-Health
Security in E-Health

Important Dates

Submission Extended Deadline :
June 16, 2019
Notification of Acceptance:
July 14, 2019
Camera Ready Submission:
August 11, 2019
Authors Early Registration:
August 01, 2019

Organizers and Partners


Keynotes Speakers

Prof. Domingos Santos
Polytechnic Institute
Castelo Branco, Portugal

Michel Raimondo
Matriciel Consulting
Casablanca, Morocco

Laval University
Laval, Canada

Faculty of Science, Mohammed V University
Rabat, Morocco

Prof. Janusz Kacprzyk
Przemysłowy Instytut Automatyki i Pomiarów
Warsaw, Poland

Prof. Luís Bragança
University of Minho,

Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation,
Casablanca, Morocco

Registration fees

In order to include accepted papers in the proceedings, at least one of the authors of the paper must be registered.
Each paper must be presented by an author at the conference.
All attendees must register and pay the registration fees before August 31, 2019. All authors not registered after August 31, 2019, their papers will not be included in the conference program
Conference registration fees includes:

  • Conference kit,
  • Admission to keynote sessions,
  • Admission to technical sessions,
  • Admission to workshops Sessions,
  • Morning and afternoon tea/coffee breaks
  • Daily lunches.

Students must provide a valid student ID card.


  • Payment to : Association Mediteranienne des Sciences et Technologies
  • IBAN:164 640 2111610546290014 23
  • Bank Name : Banque Populaire
  • Bank Address : Agence SIDI DRISS, Tanger Maroc
  • Reference Reason: SCA2019


3000 DHs
300 Euros


2500 Dhs
250 Euros

PhD Students

2000 Dhs
200 Euros


1500 Dhs
150 Euros


EHTP Casablanca– Morocco