Aim and Scope

The International Workshop on Machine Learning Applications (MLA'2020) will provide an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and results in theory, methodology and applications of Machine Learning. The workshop aims to disseminate novel ideas, latest technology trends, research developments, and practical applications in the area of machine learning (ML) and its applications. Original and high quality papers related to this theme are solicited, including theories, analysis, applications, and experiments. The MLA'2020 is an opportunity to exchange ideas and build up partnerships and collaborations between experienced researchers and practitioners from several universities, research institutes, and industries. The MLA'2020 workshop will be held at the Cadi Ayaad University, Faculty of Science and Techniques of Marrakech, Morocco on March 31, 2020.


  • • Machine Learning for smart city.
  • • Machine Learning for data mining.
  • • Machine Learning for optimization.
  • • Machine Learning for health care.
  • • Machine Learning for industry 4.0.
  • • Machine Learning for transportation.
  • • Machine Learning for education.
  • • Machine Learning for marketing.


Workshop Chairs
Technical Program Committee
  • Prof. Abdallah Abarda, FSJES, UH1, Settat, Morocco.
  • Prof. El Arbi Abdellaoui Alaoui, EIGSI-Casablanca, Morocco.
  • Prof. Said Agoujil, FSTT, Morroco.
  • Prof. Adel Bedoui, Université de Géorgie, USA.
  • Prof. Mohamed Ben Ahmed, FST Tangier, UAE, Morocco.
  • Prof. Mohamed El Ansari,FS Agadir, UIZ, Morroco.
  • Prof. Hakim EL BOUSTANI, ENSA SAFI, CAU, Morocco.
  • Prof, Othmane EL Meslouhi, UIZ, Morroco.
  • Prof. Abdelaaziz EL HIBAOUI, FS Tetouan, UAE, Morocco.
  • Prof. Redouane Ezzahir, ENSA-Agadir, UIZ, Morroco.
  • Prof. Youssef Bentaleb, ENSA, Kenitra, Morroco.
  • Dr. Stéphane Cédric Koumetio Tekouabou, FS, CDU, El Jadida, Morroco.
  • Prof. Mohamed Dakkon, FSJES, UAE, Tétouan, Morocco
  • Prof. Mehdi El Krari, Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale. France.
  • Prof. Mustapha El Moudden, UMI, Meknes, Morocco.
  • Prof. Mustapha Esghir, FS, UMV, Rabat, Morroco.
  • Prof. Badia Ettaki, ESI, Rabat, Morroco.
  • Prof. Yousef FARHAOUI , FST, UMI, Errachidia, Morocco
  • Prof. Antoine Gallais, University of Strasbourg, France.
  • Prof. Mohamed Hanini, FST Settat, Morocco.
  • Dr. Sri Hartini, University of Indonesia, Indonesia.
  • Prof. Moulay Lahcen HASNAOUI, FS-UMI, Meknes, Morocco.
  • Prof. Oufaa Ibrihich, ENSA, Khouribga, Morroco.
  • Dr. Stéphane Cédric Koumetio Tekouabou, FS, CDU, El Jadida, Morroco.
  • Prof. Ghizlane Lakhnati, ENSA, UIZ, Agadir, Morocco.
  • Prof. Mustapha Machkour, FS, UIZ, Agadir, Morocco.
  • PhD. Yassine Maleh, The National Port Agency Casablanca, Morocco
  • Prof. Hassan Mharzi, ENSA, Kenitra, Morroco.
  • Dr. Khalid Nassiri, , FST, UMI, Errachidia, Morocco
  • Prof. Zuherman Rustam, University of Indonesia, Indonesia.
  • Prof. Yassine Sadqi, FP, USMS, Beni Mellal, Morocco.
  • Prof. Elhadi Shakshuki, Acadia University, Canada.
  • Prof. Hamza Toulni, FS, UHII, Casablanca, Morocco.
  • M. Pierre Varly, France.
  • Prof. Abdellah Zaaloul, UIZ, Agadir, Morocco.
  • Prof. Jamal Zahi, FSJES, UH1, Settat, Morocco.
  • Prof. Jamal Zerouaoui, FS, UIT, Kenitra, Morocco.
  • Prof. Zhongheng Zhang , Hangzhou, China.

Important Dates

01. Extended Submission Deadline
January 26, 2020
02. Notification of Acceptance
February 09, 2020
03. Early Registration
February 14, 2020
04. Camera Ready Submission
February 20, 2020

Submit your Paper

Authors are invited to submit original and unpublished work. Manuscripts should respect the conference template, including figures, tables, and references.The paper must be prepared by using the template in MS Word or LaTeX as PDF files through Easychair. The direct link for paper submission is