LaTeX for Scientific Writing

Latex is a document composition language and system used to differentiate background from form during the design of a document or book. It allows you to personalize a text.
This LaTeX training will allow you to know the best practices for professional writing of a paper or electronic text. You might need it as well when writing a high-quality graphic and typographical scientific article, dissertation or thesis.

During this LaTeX training, you will learn to adapt the LaTeX language to technical documents, because LaTeX allows with relatively little effort to comply with typographic standards, scientific notations, the number of equations and figures as well as to build complex graphical representatives for many technical trades while also respecting the citation to sources in a standardized and relatively easy way.

This LaTeX training is based on a theoretical part of popularizing concepts and good practices, as well as practical exercises in the application of all the knowledge acquired during the training.

Throughout this LaTeX training, you will be assisted by LATEX experts who will provide you with the advice and practices necessary to master LaTeX in scientific publishing and thus gain skills and performance.